Why Enhanced SCD is better than GAPS

Enhanced SCD combines the best elements from GAPS and SCD. It includes elements from WAPF that GAPS borrowed, the GAPS detoxification protocol, and the authentic scientific SCD protocol. Enhanced SCD is superior to GAPS because it includes the powerful Pecanbread protocol and because it avoids the alterations to SCD that were made by GAPS. GAPS has made specific alterations to SCD in the name of "improvement," changes that potentially interfere with the starvation of gut bacteria. The changes may appear small but may can have significant effects.

SCD has always had impressive results for autism. The SCD record is outstanding. Practitioners who put patients on the SCD diet report a success rate of close to 100%. Unfortunately, most DAN doctors only prescribe SCD for children who have failed with all other treatments. Consequently, SCD gets used by children with the worst digestive issues and their parents demonstrate difficulty implementing treatments in general. Despite this, SCD maintains the highest proportionate success rating among autism diets.

We compared SCD with GAPS. It was not surprising that SCD was more successful and ahead by a large margin.

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The following explains why SCD comes out ahead.

Excellent Support List

The Pecanbread SCD/ASD Yahoo support list includes SCD experts. Some of the regular helpers have followed SCD for over nine years.

Most questions get answered quickly.

The moderators at the GAPShelp list have not demonstrated sufficient expertise in providing SCD support and are not approved to do so by the SCD Committee. The Committee was sanctioned by the Gottschall family and protects the integrity of SCD.

There is a shortage of qualified helpers on the GAPShelp list. The moderator mentions there are not enough to respond to the large membership and mentions it in GAPS posts.(GAPShelp posts # 29286, # 26160, # 24238, # 23470, # 20854, # 18082, # 16779, # 12382, # 10091, # 7491, and # 6291.)Many emails on the GAPShelp list do not get answered correctly or answered at all.


The Pecanbread Website

Healthy extra suggestions appear in "Enhanced SCD" and adhere to Pecanbread Protocol; GAPS does not. SCD is successful not only for autism but also used by those neurotypical people doing SCD for GI problems. Patients who did not get optimal improvements with default SCD report improvement since using Pecanbread protocols. Many without autism doing SCD even prefer to get their support from Pecanbread. Major blogs as well as websites for people with Crohns and Colitis give strong endorsements of PB.

Pecanbread Protocol was approved by Elaine Gottschall.

Here is how one very popular SCD website for Crohn's describes Pecanbread :

The BEST SCD Website

This is the best SCD site I have ever seen!! I wish I knew about it in month 1 of the diet instead of the 6th month. This site is directed towards the Autism sector of SCD but this website gives you all the information you need to suceed on this diet. I can't say enough good things about this site or the woman who runs it.

Adherence to the principles of Elaine Gotschall and Dr Haas, the creators of SCD.

Dr Campbell-McBride has made changes to SCD, first in her book and additionally after publication. Two MAJOR differences between Dr. Campbell-McBride and Elaine existed at the time of publication. Dr. Campbell-McBride changed one to to comply with Elaine's guidelines and admitted problems with the one that remained. Other changes she advocates could prove to be problematic.

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The probiotic, Bio-Kult, used by GAPS contains bifidus. GAPS claims that Elaine prohibited the use of bifidus for SCD because she lacked sufficient knowledge about it. However, scientific research supports Elaine's opinion. The experience of people who implement SCD further validates Elaine's position.

Sheila's Comments Regarding Bifidus

(Sheila is the head moderator of Pecanbread)

"I've consulted with a few people who have gone into massive flares after trying the VSL#3. Also I know lots who have had major problems with bifidum bacteria (especially when on SCD). Perhaps it is because the SCD clears out the harmful microbes and bifidum takes over, overgrowing into huge numbers. The by-products of bifidum bacteria could be what sends people into flares - especially those who have sensitive guts or those at the beginning of the diet, these people unfortunately have "fertile ground" for bifidum bacteria to overgrow."

Scientific Statements On the Risks Associated with Bifidus

The probiotic, Bio-Kult, used by GAPS also contains maltodextrin. Click here to read why Elaine was extremely concerned with maltodextrin

Intro Diets and Yeast

GAPS claims to be better for reducing yeast because its intro diet does not contain fruit. The Pecanbread protocol offers excellent strategies for controlling yeast.

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The Claims of GAPS are Incorrect

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