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 SCD is already proven while GAPS is still in the experimental stage. Click here for proof

Pathogenic bacteria damage the body's toxin removal system and detoxification pathways. It is of vital importance to be aware that SCD done CORRECTLY starves bacteria that impair the body's ability to detoxify.

Click to read the scientific articles that explain how bacteria destroy the body's entire detoxification system.

SCD is a superior form of detoxification since it restores the body's own detoxification system.

Choose the best support in order to get maximum benefits. It originates from experienced SCD experts. Please make sure the support list you choose list is the one with authentic information regarding SCD. Pecanbread is gifted with moderators and veterans. Some contributors have had more than nine years of experience with the diet.

Dr. Campbell-McBride's detoxification system differs from that of Pecanbread . You can use her detox method without following GAPS. Dr. Campbell-McBride's program is compatible with regular Pecanbread protocol or our Enhanced Options.

Instructions to implement the detox procedures are on this new Pecanbread section. The link to the GAPS detoxification protocol is below this article.

Dr. Campbell-McBride's detox program includes:
1. Juicing SCD legal raw vegetables and fruits
2. Detox baths
3. Avoiding environmental toxins. People with multiple chemical sensitivities do this. (Lowering overall stress on the immune system enables better healing.)

Juicing and detox baths don't require much discussion and are easy to do. Our moderators are familiar with this protocol.

Advising on multiple chemical sensitivities does have list support. Many of the Pecanbread volunteers have done toxin free living"for years, You will benefit even more using specialized lists. We provide links. MCS lists deal with helpful products that are available in various countries. The environmental and chemical protocol is important but not essential. While there is some mention of it on Pecanbread, diet remains our main focus.

We believe toxic free living added to Pecanbread regular and enhanced protocols will bring better results than using the diet from the GAPS Yahoo list for the following reasons:

Toxins are everywhere. It is impossible to completely eliminate all environmental toxins. Scientific papers indicate that toxins from pathogenic bacteria increase harm from environmental toxins. Reducing the bacteria count minimizes harmful effects from environmental toxins. Using Pecanbread protocol and the support list is the most effective way to fight pathogenic bacteria. Pecanbread remains far and away, the best source of authentic SCD's ASD information and support.


Click here to view scientific articles that show that bacterial toxins increase the harmful effects from environmental toxins.

Click here to read scientific articles about how bacterial toxins impair the body's detox system

Click here to view the GAPS detoxification protocol